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To differentiate GES from other companies in our industry, we’ve adopted a “sell and nurture” philosophy versus the all too common practice of “selling and forgetting.” As a result, we have integrated our sales and customer service departments.

If we can’t do a good job of taking care of what we’ve got, why continue selling more? This is a simple concept, but often forgotten or ignored.

For the most part, everything we do is a byproduct of providing customer service! Answering the telephone, returning calls or emails, doing what you say and getting it done right the first time is pretty simple stuff, but not always a reality in today’s business environment.

We are determined to restore these basic fundamentals into the way we do business! No matter how difficult it might prove to be at times… we believe that putting customer service first will help everything else fall into place.

It’s worth mentioning that our sales and customer service team is part of our corporate team, not branch operations. This brings a much higher level of transparency and accountability to our customer relationships… allowing for better communication, better translation, a different set of checks and balances and sometimes even a “third-way” to achieving the desired results.

Meet The Team

Mike Trinidad

Mike Trinidad

Director of Customer Relationships11 Years

What advice about life would you offer to a newborn child?  I would tell a newborn child that you have one life to live so make it count. Success, regardless of your definition, will not come knocking on your door so don’t wait for it to find you. Identify what it is that you want to accomplish, stay focused and crush anything that gets in your way! Learn it, live it, and love it!

Keith Mizelle

Keith Mizelle

Relationship Manager, Central Florida2 Years

What advice about life would you offer to a newborn child? Seize each and every  moment in life that you can. The journey is the excitement and thrill of experiencing life. Life is a gift and each day we awaken lies ahead  an opportunity to improve and to contribute. Value life, appreciate your station in life and help those that are less fortunate. What a travesty to treat life as a “dress rehearsal”. With each day comes the opportunity to make a difference for someone or in something. Life will not be perfect and will bring challenges. How you deal with the good and bad in life will shape your character. Remember that character is what you are in the absence of others.

Sales Opportunities

In Florida, there are three things you can count on… hot, humid weather in the summertime – short, unpredictable winters – and the consistent reliability of Girard Environmental Services!

Since 1998, we have provided “best of class” service that’s delivered by a team of experienced industry professionals. We believe that you’d be hard pressed to find another company with the same footprint, resources, diversity, professionalism and proven experience.

GES has grown to include 9 branch locations, 180 service vehicles, 450 full-time employees, plus a full complement of vendor partners.

Girard Environmental Services stands ready to become a valuable partner for your business or community. We provide Landscape Construction, Landscape Maintenance, and Facility Maintenance services throughout Florida. That means we can help BUILD IT, MAINTAIN IT, and REPAIR IT. While each division works harmoniously with one another, they also operate completely independent to ensure that you are always dealing with experts in their related field.

If you represent a large national account or full-service community, please make sure to visit those specific tabs.

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Relationship Management

Our #1 goal is to create long-term, meaningful, win-win relationships with our customers!

Each customer is assigned a Relationship Manager. These individuals are responsible for growing, protecting and nurturing our customer relationships. They become a permanent link between the business relationship and branch operations. Sometimes, they become the “voice of the customer” and other times they serve as the “voice of the company.” Regardless, their job is to always remain fair and objective… protecting the company, protecting the customer, and always remaining focused on the mutual benefits of a long-term partnership.

Scope Review & Estimating: Fully understanding the scope of work, the customer’s expectation and the operational reality of making it all come together takes time. We take that time to understand those scope, the concerns and any site-specific challenges to develop an effective on-boarding plan. This allow us to present customers with a 30, 60, 90-day action plan along with our bid package.

Bid Review & Selection Process: Assuming that we get short-listed and invited to discuss our bid, we will openly explain our estimating techniques, answer any questions and do our best to help ensure an apples-to-apples bid comparison. Given the opportunity, we will also take this opportunity introduce our branch operations team.

Contract Negotiation: Contracts can sometimes bring out the best and worst in people, however we will always do our best to stay focused on the big issues and not get caught up in the weeds. You will find us to be fair, honest, transparent and fully engaged during this process. Our relationship managers also manage the contract renewal process along with any scope changes or necessary price increases.

Customer On-boarding: Once the green light is given, that’s when the rubber meets the road! A successful partnership begins with the initial execution phase. During this period, we’ll either earn your respect, trust and confidence or spend the next year trying to regain it… and we would much rather get it right the first time! Our relationship managers will remain fully engaged during the on-boarding process to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Customer Advocacy: We are in the service business! In most cases, we consistently deliver above-average service, within a low profit margin industry… compounded by low wage labor, equipment breakdowns, extreme weather conditions and a certain amount of dependency on a bunch of different people doing their jobs simultaneously. All of this creates a rather difficult work environment. Nonetheless, instead of spending a lot of time justifying things or giving a bunch of excuses as to why things just sometimes happen… we’ve dedicated an entire team to helping close the gap between EXPECTATION and REALITY. When things go bad… our relationship managers address the situation, help fix it and then do their best to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

Service Integration: Our company has a lot to offer… much more than many other commercial landscaping companies! Our relationship managers help introduce our customers to all the products and services offered by our company. Please take the time to check out what our Facility Maintenance Division has to offer.

Conflict Resolution: Inevitability, we all know there will be problems! Sometimes, those can be handled at the branch level and other times they will require intervention. Whether it’s a personnel issue, communication issue or a difference in opinion… your Relationship Manager will intervene and get to the bottom of it and get things back on track. Usually, fixing a problem is much easier than starting over!