National Accounts

We recognize that some customer relationships require a different set of tools and resources. That’s why we’ve dedicated a specialized group to help fill the gaps between high-level business relationships, complex administrative processes and getting the work done.

National Clients are those customers who maintain a large portfolio of properties over a broad geographic area. These customers provide scale and growth opportunities into new markets. The actual work is often simple to execute, but managing the relationship can prove to be difficult because of the volume and complexity of the relationship. To fill this gap, you will have an assigned account manager to help make it all come together.

Below is a quick outline of what our national accounts team can provide:

Meet The Team

Christian Talbot

Christian Talbot

Operations Manager, National Accounts3 Years

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Amanda Ramos

Amanda Ramos

National Account Manager9 Years

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Why Choose Us?

Single Point of Contact: When managing a large property portfolio, it takes multiple managers to oversee the production part of it. This makes it difficult for the customer to know who to contact for which location and for what service being performed. To solve this problem, your assigned account manager becomes your single-point-of-contact for just about everything.

Conference Call Participation: Your dedicated account manager works around your schedule to participate in conference calls. They take notes, ask questions, provide explanation, understand the issues and report back on results. Sometimes you just can’t replace human interaction and good, effective communication!

Work Order Management: Big portfolios are owned by big corporations who typically have complex work order management systems. Managing these systems and the high volume of tickets can be a real challenge in itself. Your account manager will manage these processes to make sure that issues are being properly addressed and resolved in a timely manner.

Administrative Consolidation: For national clients, we have a lot of flexibility when it comes to consolidating pricing, billing, payment, insurance and other compliance related issues. Every company has a different set of requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate. The best part is that you will have a single point of contact to manage the process.

Statewide Coverage: We have developed a hybrid approach to how we manage our large national account customers. Properties located within our branch network are self-performed by our own crews. The other outlying properties are serviced through a network of pre-qualified vendor partners. Taking this approach has allowed us to provide an effective solution for managing large portfolios.