Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Landscaping Professionals.

Our Landscape Maintenance Division is our company’s largest single division. Our clean white trucks and brightly uniformed employees have become synonymous with professionalism and quality workmanship. We differentiate ourselves from others by providing unique solutions to common problems and delivering that last ten percent that makes all the difference between good and great!

Commercial landscaping maintenance is a pretty complex business, especially in a state that has a year-round growing season compounded by extreme weather conditions, lots of bugs and disease, unavoidable equipment failures and less than pleasant working conditions.

The tabs below will provide some insight into the services that we provide. However, keep in mind that our landscape maintenance programs are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of a property.

Meet The Team

Mike Trinidad

Mike Trinidad

Director of Customer Relationships11 Years

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Wes Cleaves

Wes Cleaves

Operations Manager, Branch Operations9 Years

If you were wealthy and didn’t have to work, how would you make a difference in the world? Growing up, my parents unselfishly supported my interests and I’ve done the same with my two sons, which has helped them become outstanding young men. Both of my boys were black belts and ultimately became national champions. I would provide better after-school programs for martial arts, so that less fortunate kids had the opportunity to learn the character and discipline that it takes to succeed in life.  Lastly, my family has enjoyed mountain biking over the years. I would help fund the acquisition of environmental sensitive land and build/maintain these trails for future generations.

Christian Talbot

Christian Talbot

Operations Manager, National Accounts3 Years

What advice about life would you offer to a newborn child? The advice I would give is- Learn from your experiences and be grateful, life is an open book. Learn and grow from the experiences, successes and failures you encounter and make genuine changes that will help you be the best person you can be. Always be grateful for what you do, the choices you make, the friends and loved ones you encounter in life…

Keith Mizelle

Keith Mizelle

Relationship Manager, Central Florida2 Years

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Tom Murphy

Tom Murphy

Branch Manager, Kissimmee Branch5 Years

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Kelly Martin

Kelly Martin

Branch Manager, Orlando Branch4 Years

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Bill Ennis

Bill Ennis

Branch Manager, Sanford Branch14 Years

How would you like to be remembered? I would like to be remembered as someone who was a family man, trying to be a role model for my three sons.  I am dedicated to my job, but first and foremost my family. I want to leave a mark and create a legacy for people to remember and to follow. I hope to set a positive example that all would be proud of. I want future generations to be able to say that they heard a great story about me. The story would be full of fun, laughter and fond memories.


Mowing & Detailing
Having well maintained landscaping can go a long way towards the overall curb appeal of any property. Just as importantly, the company performing that work can have a direct impact on your own reputation. Our professionalism, performance and pride makes a positive impression on our customer’s properties.

For the most part, our route-based crews are scheduled each week to complete their work in just four days, leaving Friday available to play catch up and for special projects. We also maintain a large inventory of spare equipment to ensure that our crews always have what they need and operate as efficiently as possible with very little downtime. For larger properties, we also offer site-based crews who report directly to the job site and typically work Monday thru Friday. This constant presence allows us to provide a much higher level of customer service and allows us to become an integral part of the property dynamics.

Our summer schedule typically starts in the middle of March and lasts until the middle of October. However, there are many variations to the scheduling of our services, especially during the transitional months and during the winter. Let our account management team help you determine the best approach is for your particular property and budget.

Fertilization & Pest Control
Florida is one of the toughest geographies for dealing with extreme weather conditions and having the most diverse population of bugs and disease. It's ironic, but our horticultural professionals spend most of their day trying to either make something look great or trying to kill it.

Our turf and shrub care programs typically include between 5-8 regularly scheduled applications throughout the year. We could be a whole lot more technical about all of this stuff, but most customers don't want to hear about all the labor pains... all they really want is healthy, green, weed free turf and shrub beds that look better than everybody elses.

Mulch Replacement
Nothing makes a property look more complete than fresh mulch. In addition to adding color and definition, mulching the plant beds can help conserve moisture and control weed growth.

We typically apply mulch once per year. However for more high profile areas, we can also perform “seasonal touch-ups” before the holidays, a special event or an important site visit.

Color Replacement
Color plantings and potted plants can make your property stand out from the rest. Let us develop a color replacement program that is unique to your property and provides a cost effective, year-round solution. Our planting rotations typically occur 4-6 times per year, depending on the types of plants selected and their particular location.

Palm Tree Trimming
Most of our palm tree trimming is handled by our arbor care professionals, however this is typically considered a part of our recurring landscape maintenance program. Depending on a variety of factors, the frequency of palm tree trimming typically occurs 1-2 times per year and on some occasions 4 times per year. Aside from appearance, maintaining your palms can also prevent unnecessary injuries from falling fronds.

Long-Term Value
If you've gotten this far, you're probably either a snooping competitor, a prospective employee or a potential customer whose looking for something better than what you're getting.

We spend a lot of time talking about long-term value. With landscape maintenance often being one of our customers largest budget items, we find ourselves under constant scrutiny to deliver the best possible quality for the lowest possible price. Our competitors are constantly trying to sell you more for less... and sometimes that just isn't possible. In fact, constantly trying to save yourself money on maintenance will usually cost you more in the long run.

We prefer to provide a more comprehensive maintenance program that allow for the existing landscaping to improve over time. Then we help our customers strategically allocate their enhancement dollars to make improvements to the property instead of having to replace what should have never died in the first place.

Honestly, we can be just as cheap as anybody or match any budget... but if you are really wanting to improve the appearance of your landscaping, we should discuss a different approach. Let us help you fully evaluate your property, establish some short and long-term goals and then put together a scope of work that will give you what you're looking for. Then we'll provide you with a 3-5 year proposal along with a detailed action plan on how to reach those goals.  Afterwards, you can get as many competitive bids as you'd like but at least you'll know what you want and be more educated about the process.


Planning & Budgeting
There is a certain life expectancy for landscaping. Some areas will need to be re-landscaped every 5-7 years, while other areas may last up to 15 or more years. However, all landscaped areas will eventually need to be renovated for either aesthetic or safety reasons. Let us work with you to develop a 3-5 year budget so that your property can remain safe and always look its best.

Design Capabilities
We have a special talent for taking something and making it better. Whether we are providing a functional solution to a long-time problem, giving a fresh look to a worn out area or helping to transform an entire property… we have the knowledge and expertise to become a valuable member of your team. Let our on-staff designers help turn ideas into reality.

Installation & Warranty
Performing a landscape enhancement to an existing property can be a pretty disruptive process. These projects take a lot of planning and finesse so that the biggest impact can be achieved, while also having the least amount of interference.

We know these projects can be costly. That's why if we install and maintain it, we’ll warranty our work for up to three years against any defects in workmanship or maintenance related issues.

Water Management

Scheduled Inspections
The foundation of a well maintained irrigation system is having regularly scheduled site inspections. This includes a visual and operational inspection of the entire system to ensure proper operation. Another important part of having a regularly scheduled inspection is to ensure that the system settings are in compliance with state and local law. The fines and penalties of operating an irrigation system outside of the regulatory guidelines can be quite expensive. Most of our inspections occur monthly, however we have some customers who require weekly inspections or have property large enough to warrant having full-time, onsite irrigation technicians.

Time & Material Repairs
Time and material billing is the most common way of handling irrigation repairs. Our technicians bill their time in fifteen minute increments plus list price for any parts used to make the repair. All necessary repairs are presented for approval unless we have a pre-approved repair limit in place.

Flat-Rate Repairs
For some customers, we have developed a flat-rate billing method for dealing with some of the most basic repairs. This provides the client with more piece of mind when it comes to pricing and a streamlined way of handling approvals. This type of arrangement is usually limited to the most common repairs from the valve out.

All-Inclusive Repairs
For customers with larger and more complex irrigation systems, we’ve developed a program that includes the most common repairs for a fixed monthly fee. Depending on the property, we may also be able to include some of the more complicated repairs. This method not only eliminates the need for approvals, but also allows customers to manage more accurate budgets... think of this as an “insurance policy” for your irrigation system.

Pre-Approved Repair Limit
The most efficient way for managing irrigation repairs is to have a pre-approved repair limit, not only does this eliminate the need for approvals to make the most basic repairs but it can also protect your landscaping against unnecessary drought stress and possible long-term damage. In reality, we've never had a necessary irrigation repair declined... it's really just a waste of time.

During summer when temperatures are hitting 100 degrees, it doesn’t take long before drought stress can cause damage to your landscaping… not to mention the negative effect that dry spots can have on the curb appeal of your property.

Having a pre-approved repair limit in place also saves our customers a considerable amount of money because the most common repairs can be made during the inspection process… eliminating the need to write up the proposal, send it to the customer, wait on approval and then have to revisit the property to finally make the repair. This also shifts the burden to our account managers and service technicians to make sure that our customer’s properties are always getting the attention they need… when they need it.

Tree Care Services

Properly maintaining your trees can have a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of your property and help reduce liability concerns. Proper trimming techniques can allow sunlight to penetrate the tree canopies and greatly benefit the landscaping beneath them. In addition, the proper lifting and thinning of tree canopies can protect them during storms and help prevent serious damage to buildings, vehicles and people.

Many of our customers set their property up on a three year rotation for lifting and thinning tree canopies. For more information about pricing and and getting this program started, please contact our account management team.