Landscape Construction

Irrigation, Landscaping & Hardscaping.

Our Landscape Construction Division has worked with some of the most respected real estate developers, general contractors and homebuilders in the country and has played an integral part in some of Central Florida’s most recognizable construction projects.

Aside from irrigation and landscaping installation, we also have the experience and resources to project manage a much broader scope of work, to include: concrete pavers, decking, docks, entry features, erosion control, fencing, gazebos, pergolas, pottery, playgrounds, retaining walls, shade structures, sidewalks, site furnishings, site grading, site lighting, sports courts, and water features.

Meet The Team

Dwight Schlicht

Dwight Schlicht

Senior Project Manager7 Years

How would you like to be remembered?  I would like to be remembered as a good father, husband and sibling. Someone who lived by the mantra of ‘Do unto others as you want others to do unto you’. A person who went through life with compassion and cared about others,  and someone who tried to make a difference in people’s lives by listening, advising and encouraging.

Rob Archer

Rob Archer

Pre-Construction Manager2 Years

If you were wealthy and didn’t have to work, how would you make a difference in the world? My focus to make a difference in the world would be to help the needy and the homeless.  I feel that there are not enough resources spent addressing these issues, which are very local, and all around us.

J'Anne Linsler

J'Anne Linsler

Senior Estimator2 Years

What advice would you give to a newborn child?  I would say “Dream big! Follow your heart! Be brave & take chances! Live with Passion! Experience life to the fullest and be present in the moment.” There could be little that is sadder than getting to the end of this life, looking back and having regrets over life not lived. Also, be kind. Be kind to people. Be kind to animals. And be kind to the planet.

Ami Paim

Ami Paim

Project Accountant2 Years

All too often we get caught up in the journey and mundaneness of life.  Just remember to take a moment to breathe, reflect and enjoy you’re life. Surround your life with people you love and that love you back. Live in a place that you love and you’ll be much happier.

Live Every Moment
Love Beyond Words
Laugh Everyday.
– Author Unknown.

Juan Rosario

Juan Rosario

Project Manager7 Years

What advice about life would you offer to a newborn child? As you go through life make sure that you stay humble, because you never know when you’re going to need the help of those that have crossed paths with you in your life’s journey. Be what you are, there is no need for show boating and pretend you’re something that you’re not. Take advantage of the wisdom from the people that are around you. There is always something to learn, as much as we may think sometimes, we do not know everything. Honesty, be honest with everything that you do, even if you do something wrong. People will never doubt you if you demonstrate that whatever you say and do is the truth. It is better to learn to admit that you are wrong to others, than to have them catch you in a lie. These three traits will shape you into a better human being and it will let you sleep well and worry free.

Steve Brodict

Steve Brodict

Project Manager9 Years

If you were wealthy and didn’t have to work, how would you make a difference in the world? I would turn my attention and resources into combating the illiteracy that we see in our society today.  I feel this is one of the biggest limiting factors for many people being successful with both personnel and professional aspects of their lives.  The knowledge gained through reading and comprehension allows a person to grow in so many ways the benefits truly cannot be measured.  Remember to take time daily to read professionally and for your personal recreation.

Brent Yatchum

Brent Yatchum

Irrigation Manager3 Years

How would you like to be remembered? I would like to be remembered as a hardworking individual who would willingly break his back to ensure the well-being, comfort and safety of the people who have surrounded me in my life. I feel that it is our responsibility as humans to do what is within our reach to have a positive influence in this world. I would also like to be remembered for all the joy and satisfaction that I was able to bring into the lives of the customers we serve here at Girard by giving them an exquisite tropical landscape that would make their home feel like a vacation in paradise.


Many owners, developers and general contractors have come to trust our numbers when budgeting out their projects. Whether we’re providing budget numbers or hard bid numbers, you can count on us to dig in and provide you with a solid estimate of what it’ll take to complete the project… something that we can both be proud of for years to come.

Our goal is not to be “low on bid day”… we’d much prefer to be “accurate on bid day” and help prevent any surprises on installation day! Some people get so caught up in the bidding and buyout phase of the project that they forget or choose to ignore the execution phase. We refuse to let ourselves to get so caught up in winning a job over price that set ourselves up for failure when it comes time to deliver.

Takeoffs: We perform most take-offs using an on-screen software product that allows for better efficiency and more accurate results. If there is a problem with the plans, we’d much rather find out during the bidding phase of the project. Another benefit of using this type of software is that it allows us to provide color coded prints to assist with scope meetings, jobsite meetings and our crews during installation.

Estimating: Our standard turn-around time for a proposal is 3-5 days, however sometimes we can jump something much quicker. If you need something fast, just ask! We’ll always do our part to be a team player.

Value Engineering: We are pretty good at finding ways to save money without jeopardizing the integrity of the project. Regardless of the reason, we can assist with finding alternative solutions to get the job done while still meeting jurisdictional requirements.

Change Orders: Simple change orders can get priced on the fly and happen pretty quickly, but some require a lot more work. Our estimating team helps out frequently with larger, more complicated change order requests and often works with architects and engineers to help solve problems in the field to keep the job running smoothly. Having our estimating department involved in change orders ensures fair and accurate pricing, plus helps to make sure that all the paperwork is being handled properly.


Some of the most exciting projects for us are those that allow us to participate in the design process. Whether we are providing a full set of construction documents or participating in the creative discussion, you’ll find that we are full of ideas to make your project a success.

There’s also those projects that have already been through the design process, but fall short on expectation. It’s those times when having the right contractor as part of your team can make a big difference. We are able to visualize the project on paper, anticipate problems and provide solutions to ensure that the final product meets the customers expectation.


Choosing the right group of subcontractors is critical to ensuring the success of your project. We are very proud of the reputation that we’ve built for being a team player and for always performing at the highest level.

Aside from providing quality workmanship… we work well under pressure. We’ve been doing this a long time and we know what it takes to get the job done! That’s why many project managers and jobsite superintendents request to have GES on the job. They know what we’re capable of and it gives them confidence to know that we’ll be there at the end of the project… when they need us most!

Upon request, we would be happy to provide references for recently completed projects.

Maintenance & Warranty

Landscape Maintenance
We have always been a full service landscaping contractor. Once the installation is complete, our goal is always to take over the maintenance of the project too. GES is the largest privately-held commercial landscaping company in Florida. We have the resources to handle any size project. Please visit our landscape maintenance division to learn more about these services.

For larger projects, it’s not uncommon for the maintenance of the landscaping to begin before the project is completed and turned over to the owner. We often provide maintenance pricing as part of the pre-construction process to help establish budgets and to ensure that the property is turned over at the end of the job looking it’s best. This is something that owners usually don’t think about until it’s too late… If you need maintenance pricing, please make sure to ask.

Installation Warranty We are proud of the projects that we’ve completed and want those jobsites to look good for years to come. You won’t have to ask us twice to take care of any warranty issues that are our responsibility.

Our standard warranty provides coverage against defects in workmanship for up to 1 year. Our standard warranty does not include any coverage for maintenance related issues or any damages caused by situations outside of our control or scope of work.

Our extended warranty provides coverage for up to 3 years against defects in workmanship or any maintenance related issues. In order to qualify for the extended warranty, GES must be awarded a three-year landscaping maintenance contract within 10 days after completing the installation. It’s simple, if we install it and maintain it – it shouldn’t die! We take a lot of pride in our projects and will help develop a maintenance program that protects your investment.