Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

Your Professional Single-Source Solution.

Our Facility Maintenance Division provides our customers with a single-source solution for maintaining their commercial properties. Our project management team can assist with site inspections, maintenance and repairs or a wide variety of capital improvement projects. There really isn’t anything that we can’t help you out with!

Whether you are a local on-site manager with limited resources or an out-of-town portfolio manager who needs a real boots on the ground partner… we can assist you with maintaining your property, identifying problems and helping to figure out the most cost effective and best long-term solutions.

Our team brings professionalism, experience and knowledge and a wide variety of resources… allowing you to leverage your time and effectiveness… almost becoming an extension of your own management team.

Meet The Team

Dan Franz

Dan Franz

Senior Project Manager7 Years

What advice about life would you offer to a newborn child?  The advice I would offer a newborn child is simple. Think before you act. Over the years as  my children and others have made questionable decisions I have asked “what were you thinking” then one day I realized well they weren’t. If they had thought about it, if for only a few seconds the outcome might have been different. Remember there are always consequences of your actions, good and bad. Strive to make them good!

Mark Higbee

Mark Higbee

Project Manager8 Years

If you were wealthy and didn’t have to work, how would you make a difference in the world?  I would form an organization designed to assist children and families that are less fortunate. I would work towards creating environments that are more conducive to leading a healthy, productive, drug free life, with hopes to reduce violence and poverty. This would include physical activities like sports and adventures for our youth as well as educational activities and job training for teenagers and young adults. My goals would be for parents to be able to better provide for their families, and for children to be brought up healthy, well educated, with high moral standards and a love for life.

Sandy Brugonone

Sandy Brugonone

Division Accountant2 Years

What advice about life would you offer to a newborn child?  When you work hard and give your best you are rewarded with a true sense of pride. This applies to everything you do. It can’t be bought or given to you. It is earned.  Don’t lose sight of your hopes and dreams because life is not always fair and kind. Just believe in yourself, have faith and keep moving forward.  Know that you are responsible for your own happiness and a lot of times it can be found in the simplest things.

What We Do

Monthly / Quarterly Site Inspections
We can provide regularly scheduled site inspections to ensure an attractive curb appeal, proactively identify problems and minimize property liability. These inspections can be provided monthly or quarterly and include a detailed written report with photo documentation to show the condition of the property. These inspection reports are then uploaded to a shared online document library.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs
We provide a wide variety of recurring maintenance services, such as: Aquatic Maintenance, Pressure Cleaning, Parking Lot Maintenance, Day Porter Services, plus anything else that you might need help with.

General Repairs & Upgrades
We have on-staff service technicians along with a team of qualified service partners to quickly address just about anything your property requires. Commercial properties require constant attention. There is always something that either needs to be fixed, replaced or upgraded.

Capital Improvements
No matter how simple or complex, we can help you determine the best course of action, organize the process and manage the work. The smaller projects can require more time than it might be worth and larger projects often can require more time than you have. Our project managers can be the time equalizer… a resource for you to have at your disposal without the burden of having them on your own payroll.

How We Do It

Project Managers, Relationship Managers and Administrative Support
Our Project Managers visit their properties, meet with contractors and report back with details and help our customers make confident decisions and determine the best course of action. Our Relationship Managers work with our customers to plan out budgets, refine processes and help translate the mission to the project management team. Our Administrative Support Staff manages contract administration, work order processing, insurance compliance, pre-approvals, billing and payment reconciliations.

On-staff Service Technicians.
We have our own on-staff service technicians for the smaller commercial handyman type work. These individuals perform property inspections and handle the smaller maintenance and repair items. This also allows us to respond quicker to customer requests and to help keep a watchful eye on any subcontractors who might also be working onsite.

Pre-Qualified Service Partners.
Half of the battle is finding the right contractor to do the job. We spend a lot of time prequalifying these companies to ensure they are properly licensed, fully insured and have sufficient business and professional references… all the stuff that always sounds like a good idea, but most people never take the time to actually do.

We also prefer to work with smaller, owner-operated companies whenever possible. These companies are typically more efficient, have more pride in their work and usually get it done right the first time. Their biggest challenge is managing the more complicated processes required by larger companies and they are usually unable to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for payment… that’s where we come in, we help fill that gap!

Why We're Different

We’re much more than a toll-free call center.
Many of the bigger facility maintenance companies rely on call centers and long-distance relationships. We’re much more hands-on and prefer to become an extension of your own management team. We visit your properties, meet face-to-face with contractors, provide before and after pictures and give valuable feedback about what it’ll take to properly address the issue, instead of guessing.

We can manage the RFP process to ensure compliance.
Our customers are often required to obtain multiple bids for project that exceed certain dollar amounts. We make this entirely possible by helping to organize the bid process, evaluate them and build comparisons. Then manage the project through to completion using your chosen contractor. Since we don’t self-perform the work, we are allowed to remain completely neutral and objective throughout the whole process.

We build meaningful relationship with our vendors.
We get to know our service partners. This interaction and hands-on approach helps us determine which contractors are the best fit for each project. This also gives them the confidence in know who they are working for and somebody to reach out to when there is a problem or an issue that needs to be dealt with. Sometimes, it still takes real boot-on-the-ground relationships to get the work done.

We become an extension of your own management team.
Our project managers give back time and provide resources that many customers just don’t have. Also, remember that since this particular division doesn’t really self-perform a lot of their work, they’re able to remain neutral and objective when helping you make decisions.