Community Involvement

When it comes to helping others, we wanted to develop a homegrown, employee-based program that really makes a difference in people’s lives.

It’s hard to believe, but some families struggle with some of the most basic needs, these people live our own communities and their children often go to the same schools as our own. Many of them are good-hearted, prideful people who work hard every day to make ends meet, but sometimes fall a little short. They don’t ask for much help because they aren’t looking for handouts. They love their children and grandchildren just as much as you love yours, but sometimes fail to be able to provide the basic necessities or enjoy some of the smallest little extras that most of us take for granted.

Although we can’t solve everybody’s problems, we can have a meaningful impact on some. Below are four simple goals that our community outreach program was founded on.

Goal #1: To make this a company-wide effort, allowing each of our employees to participate.  Our employees are encouraged to participate in a voluntary weekly payroll deduction to help fund these efforts. The math is simple, a little bit of help from a large group of people can do a lot of good, especially when it’s used properly.

In addition, GES matches dollar-for-dollar the weekly contribution made by the employees. This effectively doubles the amount of financial resources made available for the program.

Goal #2: To identify families or individuals who really need the help… and deserve it. By partnering with a several local agencies and using a variety of other resources we’re able to identify who might be in need of assistance. These individuals are typically out on the front lines and provide us feedback to identify and evaluate particular situations and help determine what sort of assistance we might be able to provide.

Goal #3: To provide people with what they need, and not necessarily what we want them to have.  Sometimes, when you think you’re doing something good it’s easy to overlook the potential harm that a good deed may cause. Our goal is to always consider what an individual or family needs, while also considering the possible consequences of our actions.

Goal #4: To provide year-round assistance and not just during the holidays.  There are many organizations dedicated to helping people during the holidays, but what about other times throughout the year? The resources available during the holiday season can be somewhat overwhelming to a family who struggles with the most fundamental needs on a daily basis. We want to make an impact when they need it the most… on any given day.