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Thank you for visiting
our website!
There are many companies who offer the
same products & services ~ but we're different for
a lot of reasons!
We Deliver the Most Value... There's so much more that
goes into a relationship than just what's discussed on bid
day. We might not always have the lowest price, but no other
company is more committed to delivering the most value to its
We Know How to Spend Your Money... It's easy to spend money,
but spending it wisely is a little more of a challenge. We have years
of experience in helping our clients get the most out of what they
have to spend.
We Have Owners Who Care... GES is a pretty intense place to work and that's because Rick & Randy Girard set the expectation for success and they expect everyone to work as hard as they do in reaching those goals. These owners are involved and always available!
We Have the Right Attitude... We promote a professional, positive, can do spirit. A little attitude is okay, as long as it's a good attitude.
We Show A Lot Of Initiative... We strongly believe that being proactive can avoid problems and create opportunities. There's no room for complacency within our organization!
We Have the Resources... It takes a lot of resources to operate an efficient operation - you've got to have what you need, when you need it. We'd love to share with you some stories about how having the right people, equipment or relationships have benefited our clients over the years.
We Have People Who Care... At the end of the day, it's really about the people and not the company. That's why we work so hard to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. We have some of the most dedicated, professional and knowledgeable employees in the industry.
We Have a Sense of Urgency... When something needs to be taken care of quickly, it gets done! Our customers should never have to ask for something twice.
We Hit Problems Head On... While we do our best to avoid problems, we all know they're going to happen. The pivotal moment is how you deal with those problems and what you do to make sure they don't continue happening.
We Do Whatever It Takes... This cliché is a little overused but our customers know firsthand that we really mean it. Instead of focusing on why something can't be done, we spend a lot more time on figuring out how it can be done. We hate excuses as much as you do!